The procurement represents a major success element within our company.

During our procurement process, we focus only on the best suppliers. When we select suppliers, in addition to quantitative factors, major attention is also emphasized on the qualitative factors.

When we select suppliers requirements such as quality, reliability, safety and also sustainability have top priority.

OSMETALL’s procurement division is organzied into following product groups:

  1. Pipes, seamless and welded
  2. Pipefittings, seamless and welded
  3. Flanges
  4. Plates and Sheets
  5. Roundbars/Solidbars
  6. Open-die forgings
  7. Special parts

Our material grades contains carbonsteels, stainless and heat-resistant steels, duplex- and superduplex steels as well as nickel alloys.

If you wish to apply as a supplier, please send us following documents:

to following address:

OSMETALL Steel Solutions GmbH
Halskestrasse 46
40880 Ratingen

or per Email:

We look forward to receiving your application.
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Fittings Pipes Flanges
Stabstahl Walzstücke
Open-Die Forgings Plates
Carbon Steel (Low) Alloy
Steel Stainless Steel
Rundstahl Super Duplex Steel

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